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Antique and Vintage Hardware Reproductions for Historic Homes

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24 Inch Seamless Solid Brass Tubing



  • 24 Inch Seamless Solid Brass Tubing
  • 5/8 Inch Outer Diameter
  • Hollow Tubing Solid Brass Construction

    The outer layer has been hand polished to a fine Polished Brass finish. The outer diameter of this tubing is 5/8 inch with a wall thickness of approximately 0.022 inch. It is constructed from solid brass and hollowed for wiring. This tubing is from un-lacquered brass and it will patina naturally over time. This piece is available in Polished Brass and Polished Chrome and it is available in several lengths. NOTE: This product does patina over time in the warehouse and will be shipped in various stages of patina which would steady out to a final color in several months. The average lead time for this tubing piece is approximately 1 to 3 business days.