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6 Ways to Make Your Front Door Stand Out

Posted on June 19 2021

Your entryway makes a huge impression on your guests, so what does your front door say about you? Here are 6 ways to make your front door the talk of the neighborhood.
1. Does your door have stained glass or lead glass? If not, you may want to consider adding window panels next to the door to add extra light inside the house and make the outside look inviting with more windows.
2. What color is your front door? Try painting it a fun and unique color to make it “pop” on the front of your house. It’ll give your home personality!
3. How old is your door hardware? Think about maybe replacing your door knob with a long elegant entryway set to give it a more rich look.
4. Add some plants, signs and knickknacks to make it feel more “homey”. The items you add will reflect the same design you have inside your home.
5. Add a fancy door knocker or mail slot to have another element of style and sophistication. For a faux look without having to cut a hole in your door, you can just mount the front mail slot plate to your door for the look!

6. Don’t’ forget to have the right amount of lighting! You want your front door to have a nice warm glow at night to give that cozy, pleasant feel.

Your front door is one of the easiest and least expensive ways for you to improve your home’s appearance and perceived value. Shop all the hardware your home needs here and if you have any questions let us know at!


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