Trades Network

We offer an extensive program for people in the trades. If you are a contractor, builder, designer or architect, we invite you to apply to our program. To apply, we will need a copy of your business license, your company information and your tax identification number. For more information, call us at (734) 728-8890 or email us:

Blue Level

Our blue level provides discounts and benefits that include, but are not limited to:

* Instant savings on products
* Lower fees on returns
* Free shipping on orders over $149

You are automatically promoted to our Silver Level on your third transaction at the Blue Level.

Silver Level

Our silver level provides many advantages. These include

* Larger discounts on products
* Lower restocking fees on returns
* Free shipping on orders over $99

There are even more benefits to you and your company. Talk with our representative about qualifying for the Silver Level.

Gold Level

Ready to work with us on a monthly basis? Ask about our Gold Level and beyond. Gold Level will provide more substantial discounts, free or low cost expedited shipping options, smaller or minimal restocking fees on returns, and more.