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      Spare Door Knob Sets in Crystal, Porcelain and Brass

      Discover the unsung hero of every household: the humble door knob. From daily twists and turns to steadfast pushes and pulls, door knobs endure constant use. That's why it's wise to keep spare door knobs close at hand, whether it's spare crystal knobs or elegant glass door knobs.

      At Antique Hardware Supply, we offer an extensive array of spare door knobs, crafted to our renowned standards. Choose from a variety of materials including glass, nickel, chrome, brass, and porcelain, along with an assortment of levers, all available in a wide range of styles, shapes, and finishes to complement any door and decor.

      Having spare crystal knobs at the ready ensures that a damaged knob can be swiftly replaced without delay, eliminating the need to wait for shipping and delivery. Plus, rest assured that all necessary hardware is included for hassle-free installation.

      Explore our collection and discover the perfect not-so-humble doorknobs to enhance your home.