Choosing The Right Wall Sconce


Lighting is integral to the way we live and interact in our home. The rule is, you need at least 2 sources of light in any room. That could mean a ceiling light and a lamp, or a chandelier and wall sconces. You can even have 3 or 4 sources of light. But don’t go overboard or your guests may think they’ve landed on the sun!


Wall sconces provide a warm glow for a reading nook, a dark hallway, a small entryway or a cozy bedroom. Extra light sources like sconces help to create soft mood lighting as the day turns into night.


Before picking out your wall sconces consider the other light fixtures in the same room. Consider the types; ceiling, floor lamp, table lamp; and then consider the style; shape, design, finish. Use those light sources as your guide to find something that works with the flow and style of your room.



Choosing a sconce with the right shade matters. Do you want to see the bulb, like an old vintage look, or maybe you prefer something with a frosted glass or fabric shade?


No matter what sconce you choose, you will love the extra light it adds to any room. Browse our wide variety of wall sconces and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have at!

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