How to Choose the Right Shutter Dogs for your Exterior Home Shutters

Window shutters enhance the exterior look of your home, whether they function or are just there for looks. You want to make sure you have the correct hardware to make your shutters look and feel genuine.

So, what exactly are shutter dogs?

Shutter dogs can also be called shutter holdbacks or shutter tiebacks, they are designed to keep your window shutters tight to your house when they are open. They mount below the shutter and pivot to release the shutter when you want to close it or hold the shutter open. Even if your shutters are just for looks, adding shutter dogs can make them look and feel real.

What type is just right for you?

Shutter dogs are mainly categorized by how they are mounted. Depending on the surface of your exterior wall would determine which type is just right for your shutters.

Post Mount

Post mount shutter dogs are used on houses with Wood Siding or Shingles. The post is mounted to a base that screws directly into the exterior wall.

Lag Bolt Mount

Lag bolt mount shutter dogs are mostly used on exterior walls made of brick or stone. There is a lag bolt that screws into the wall surface and the shutter dog is mounted to the bolt.

Dummy Mount

Dummy mount shutter dogs are just for a decorative look. They mount to the bottom of the shutter rail with a small screw. These can be used on any type of house.

Find the Right Shutter Hardware for your Home Here:

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