How To Get The Most Out of Your Ceiling Fan Seasonally

Did you know that your ceiling fan has a switch on it to change the direction the fan blades move? Yea, me either! I just learned that changing the direction makes a huge difference in the summer or winter months!

In the summer months you want to switch it forward (count-clockwise) for a cooling effect. This forces the air in the room down on you giving you the wind chill effect that will make you feel cooler.

In the winter months you want to switch it in reverse (clockwise) and keep it on a low speed. This will draw the air in the room up towards the ceiling, forcing the warm air down and out towards the walls. This will avoid giving you the wind chill effect.

Try it and see the difference it makes in your home! Especially for your heating and cooling bills! Let us know in the comments how this worked for you!

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