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Update Your Home with New Cabinet & Furniture Hardware

Posted on October 24 2020


Cabinet and Furniture hardware can change the entire look of your home easily. Choosing the right hardware for your room can become overwhelming, so we have a few easy ways to shop for the knobs or pulls you are looking for.


Shop by Type


Knobs are the go to for any room in your home. You can find an incredible array of shapes and sizes, materials and finishes here:

View All Knobs


Pulls are great for doors and drawers as they give a sturdy handle that is easy to grip. You can choose from tons of styles, finishes and sizes here:

View All Pulls

Cup/Bin Pulls

Cup pulls, also known as bin pulls, are perfect for drawers and come in several decorative designs, finishes and sizes here:

View All Cup & Bin Pulls

Ring Pulls

Ring pulls are wonderful for an antique look. There are plenty of options in different finishes and sizes here:

View All Ring Pulls

Bail Pulls

Bail pulls have a swinging handle; these are most commonly used on furniture pieces such as a dresser. You can find different designs and finishes here:

View All Bail Pulls


Shop By Material


Several colors, sizes and styles can be found here:

View All Glass


A classic look that comes in hundreds of designs, finishes, and sizes here:

View All Brass


A vintage feel that will last through the ages, found on our website here:

View All Pewter


Hopefully you have found something that fits your style, if not we have plenty other options on our website here:

All Cabinet Hardware


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