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      Bronze, Brass and Glass Door Knob Sets - Antique to Modern Styles

      Our door knobs sets range from Antique to Victorian: Vintage to Modern. Each set is made from solid materials of solid glass, crystal, brass and bronze. Every stylish door knobs set we make is hand crafted following a rich tradition of quality and attention to architectural detail. We start with the real thing - a true antique or vintage door knob - and reverse engineer to recreate the actual mold. You can feel it in the weight of our door knobs and see it in the character of our hand-finished designs. Enduring quality and attention to detail you have come to expect.


      Installing New Door Knob Hardware

      At Antique Hardware Supply, we offer thousands of styles of door knobs and door hardware. Most all knobs can be installed in just a few simple steps. Installing a new set of door knobs is not a task that requires special skills or a large amount of time.