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      Door Knockers - Hand Made Lasting Craftsmanship

      We offer solid brass door knockers in a variety of shapes and finishes. You can find a door knocker shaped like a lion, a horse, a pineapple or a cherub. Traditional knockers are also available. If you want to decorate your front door with a lion knocker, you can buy one with a polished brass or antique brass finish. If you would rather have a pineapple on your door, you can buy one with an antique brass finish. Our traditional knockers have brass, chrome or nickel finishes. Every item we make is cast by hand to provide quality that lasts. You will notice the quality when you see the details in the designs on these solid brass pieces.

      Installing Door Knockers

      We offer hundreds of styles of door knockers - readily available at Antique Hardware Supply. Some of these door knockers are surface mount - meaning they screw directly to the door. Most door knockers have a reverse mount mechanism - which means that the bolts screw in from behind the door. The reverse mount offers a level of protection for the door knocker. Door knockers come with the mounting hardware shown so you can quickly and easily add them to your doors.