Installing a New Door Knob Set

Installing New Door Knob Sets

At Antique Hardware Supply, we offer several styles of door knobs and most all knobs can be installed in just a few simple steps. Installing a new set of door knobs is not a task that requires special skills or a large amount of time.

While door knobs are sold in standard sizes, there are a few different varieties out there. These instructions are written to cover the installation of the door knobs sold by Antique Hardware Supply. When installing our brass, glass and crystal door knob sets, we recommend using a thread compound such as Rite-Lok on any set screws which can be purchased online by us or at any home improvement store.

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Project Assistance

We are here to help - you can contact us at (734) 728-8890 or use the following information to help you determine the size, scope and cost of a door knob replacement project.

How Many Door Knobs Do I Need?

Door knobs come in four basic styles - privacy, passage, single dummy and double dummy - but don't despair. Let's use this simple method to determine the number of knobs you will need.

1. Count the number according to their function. Starting with locking doors - how many doors need to lock? Be sure to include bedrooms and baths. These are called privacy (bed / bath) doorknobs - write this number down.

2. How many door knobs need to turn and latch - but not lock? These are called passage (hall / closet) knobs - write this number down.

3. Finally, how many push or pull knobs that match a door knob do you need? These can be used on bi-fold doors, doors with a magnetic or ball catch etc. These are called dummy knobs - and they can be single sided (single dummy) or double sided (double dummy). Write this number down.

Project Estimators

Actual costs will depend upon the style, quantities and also the finish. First determine the type - do you want glass, crystal, lever, bronze, brass or porcelain knobs? Second, choose the finish - polished brass, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, flat black, polished chrome or a brushed nickel? Once you have a basic idea of what you need - you can contact Antique Hardware Supply at - and we will provide you with a detailed and private quotation to fit your needs.