10 Small Home Projects To Do Post-Quarantine

We get it - large parts of the country are under a "Stay at Home" order. And while we cannot thank those essential workers who are keeping us safe and healthy enough for all they are doing, many of us are doing our part by staying home and practicing social distancing. For those who are spending a much larger time in their home than usual, you might be looking for productive ways to keep busy. We've compiled a list of 10 small home projects for any skill level that can be done while you shelter in place to keep your home looking its best!

10. Add New Bedroom Lighting

     New lighting can take any room from dark and drab to fresh and bright! Even if you have perfect decor, terrible lighting can bring down a room. Your bedroom should be a peaceful place to sleep, read, and relax. Considering updating your lights to create the perfect ambiance for your sanctuary. Check out our lighting to find just what you need!

9. Change Up Those Switchplates

      Your light switch switchplates are one of the most touched items in your house - which means they often get grubby quickly and can bring down the look of your room. Upgrade to solid brass, decorative switchplate covers to liven up your room's appearance and to keep it look fresh! Brass switchplate covers are durable, easy to clean, and look classic no matter what style you choose. Antique Hardware Supply has a great selection available here!

8. Adding Decorative Hinges

     Decorative hinges are a simple and fun way to give your doors and room a new look without much work! Available in a variety of styles and finishes, you can choose a hinge with flair! Some hinges even allow you to change the finial style, which means you can change up that look whenever you'd like! Shop hinges here!

7. Painting Interior Walls

      Are you realizing that the beautiful eggshell white or slate blue wall color you chose so carefully chose when you first painted is in need of a good touch up? Or perhaps, after staring at that color for days on end, you need a change? Well, now is a great time to do some painting! Pull the paint you've been saving out of your garage, basement, or shed and get those touch ups done! Or, if you're looking for a new color, many hardware stores will allow you to order online and pick-up curbside, so you don't have to enter the store.

6. Landscaping Your Yard

     Sheltering in place can make you feel a little trapped in your home. It might be too early to plant flowers, but it is not too early to go outside and pull weeds, clear flower beds, rototill gardens, and ready your outside for plants. The fresh air will lift your spirits and you just cant beat that sunshine!

5. Spruce Up Your Cabinet Hardware

     Spending more time in our homes means we notice the little things. Perhaps that loose handle on your utensil drawer didn't seem like a big issue, but now that you are eating every meal at home, it's driving you crazy. Or maybe you've been dying to update your bathroom hardware and just haven't had the time. Now is a great time to get that hardware ordered and installed Antique Hardware Supply has a huge selection of cabinet knobs, ring pulls, cup pulls, bail pulls - you name it! You are sure to find a style you'll love right here!

4. Pull Out Patio Furniture

     Depending on where you live, it might be a little earlier than normal to have your patio furniture out. But with all this time we are spending indoors, having a nice dinner on the patio might be exactly what you need! And you can check out Home & Garden Accents collection to find additional finishing touches!

3. Choose Some New Bath Lighting

    All this time inside will really open your eyes to your room lighting! Perhaps you are just starting to notice your rooms aren't as well lit as you thought or maybe you just want a new style of lighting. Whatever your reasons, new lighting can really elevate your room's overall look and some extra light in a room can make it seem friendlier. Check out our lighting collection here!

2. Spruce Up Your Front Door

      Add some curb appeal with an entryway set, doorknocker, or mail slot in your front door! A quality entryway set not only looks beautiful, but makes you feel secure in your home. Antique Hardware Supply carries several brands of entryway sets and hundreds of styles, all available here

     Doorknockers are a fun way to add personality to your home! Choose from hundreds of styles, like the classic lion head doorknocker, a fun nautical anchor doorknocker, or something a little more traditional like a the doctor's door knocker! Check out our selection to find one you love here!

1. Update Your Interior Door Knobs

     Let's be honest - your interior door knobs are probably one of the hardest working pieces of hardware in your home, but they are often taken for granted. We all know how important it is to having a locking bathroom door or a closet door that stays securely closed, but updating our doorknobs is often an afterthought. Antique Hardware Supply offers hundreds of styles of interior doorknobs, from crystal to brass to lever sets, from modern to Victorian to traditional, we've got you covered. Shop now to find the perfect new set, complete with installation instructions!

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