Understanding the Different Types of Interior Door Knobs & Levers


Glass Door Knobs

Glass door knobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and add a vintage look to any home. The way the glass knob reflects light can add brightness to your home. Our crystal door knobs are made from real lead-free crystal and top quality brass and steel components. So you know your getting a quality door knob set. They can be used for any room in your home, bedroom, bathroom, closet, even French doors. They are sure to spark a conversation at your next gathering!




Lever door handles are easier for some to use and add a sense of elegance to your home. Levers can come in glass, brass, bronze and other materials so you have a variety of styles to choose from. Levers are more popular in Europe because of the ease of use and accessibility for all. Some levers can add a modern touch and others a vintage touch, depending on the design. Levers are great for any room in your home!



Brass Door Knobs

Brass door knobs are a classic style that accent any room. Brass has been found to be self-disinfecting and effectively sterilizes bacteria from all the hands that turn your knobs on a daily basis. However, years ago when brass door knobs were first made popular the manufacturers did not know this and used brass because it was durable and resistant to corrosion. You can find brass door knobs is all different shapes and designs and even levers!



Porcelain Door Knobs

Porcelain knobs became popular from the Civil War to the 1930’s because it was a cheaper material and metal was being conserved for war. They add timeless charm to your home and are available in white or black porcelain. One thing to think about when purchasing genuine porcelain knobs are that they are fragile as any porcelain is and can crack if you bump it with something hard. However, they can take most any everyday wear and tear.



There are so many different types of door knobs and levers to choose from. Some are simple and modern… some are easy to use… and others add a regal flair… But whatever you choose, there will always be pros and cons to each design. Make sure to choose the right hardware for you and your home! If you need help or have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@antiquehardwaresupply.com!

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