Antique Victorian Style Door Hinges - Solid Brass

      If you're a home owner with a passion for antique and vintage decor, our wide and comprehensive selection of vintage style door hinges is bound to catch your attention. We have an excellent selection of antique hinges for you to choose from, including a variety of vintage style hinges ranging across several periods of history and fashion styles.

      Victorian Hinges
      If Victorian hinges best match your door, you'll be delighted at our selection of classic hinges that are specially designed to complement the doors in your home with a touch of elegance and classic retro style.

      Antique Hinges With A Modern Guarantee
      Each and every one of our antique hinges are, of course, constructed in the modern age. We actually use the technique of "reverse engineering" to make an exact replica of each and every one of our vintage style hinges from an actual example of that style that survives from that era.

      When Only The Best Will Do
      All of the door hinges we sell are guaranteed with a full warranty of quality. For classic Victorian hinges, we use only the best, most richly detailed examples. And this is true for all of the vintage style hinges that we recreate.

      So, if you've been searching for high quality door hinges, we suggest you have a look at our current inventory. We have styles and fashions to suit every artistic palate, all of which are backed up by a guarantee of quality workmanship and a long life time of service.