Removing Old Door Knobs

Removing Old Door Knobs


Types and Styles

There are several types of door knobs - but most all knobs can be removed in just a few simple steps. Replacing a damaged or worn door knob is not a task that requires special skills or a large amount of time. It is always best to choose your replacement hardware before removing the old knobs. While door knobs are sold in standard sizes, there are a few different varieties out there. These instructions are written to cover the removal of most all types of door knobs.

Tools Needed

Normally, the only tools you will require is a screwdriver. It is best to keep both types on hand, regular flat head and a Phillips head. With the tools in hand, let's take the removal of the door knob set one step at a time.

Simple Steps

1. The round trim, or plates, are called the Rosettes. It is best to loosen the Rosettes first. Some Rosettes snap into place, others may be screwed into the wood door. Take special precaution as to not damage the wood. For those that 'snap' on - search around the Rosette and for a small indentation - a screwdriver can be used to pry it from the door.

2. Once loose, you can then remove the door knobs. The knobs are attached together by a 'Spindle Rod'. Old style door knobs have a simple set-screw at the base of the knob. Loosen the set screw and un-screw them off the spindle rod. Less expensive styles have a small indentation at the base of the knob. To remove these knobs, simply push in the metal indentation at the base and the knob will easily come off of the spindle rod.

3. Once knobs are removed, you should now be able to pull the knobs apart and out of the door completely. Once the doorknobs are out, you'll note two screws holding the door mechanism in place. Remove both screws and the bolt.

You are ready to replace the door with the new hardware. Here are a few links to various styles of heirloom quality door sets you may wish to consider.

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