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1 5/8 Inch Diameter Authentic Abalone Shell Oversized Cabinet or Furniture Knob



  • 1 5/8 Inch Authentic Mother of Pearl Cabinet Knob
  • Measures 1 5/8 Inches In Diameter
  • Available in Multiple Finishes
  • Comes Complete with Mounting Hardware

    1 5/8 Inch Diameter Abalone Shell Oversized Cabinet or Furniture Knob - these cabinet knobs are made from cut Abalone Shell and they measure approximately 1 5/8 inches in diameter. They are available in the Polished Chrome and Antique Brass Finish.Their projection is approximately 1 inch. The knobs come with a Polished Chrome base and each knob comes with the mounting hardware. Abalone are marine snails, and the inner layer of their shells are used as decorative items in jewelry, buttons, and as inlays in furniture and in musical instruments. Note that each knob is made individually and will not match the photograph exactly.