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Brass Art Deco Round Door Knob Set



  • Brass Art Deco Round Door Knob Set
  • 10 1/2 Inch Tall by 2 5/8 Inch Wide Back Plate
  • Comes Complete with Mounting Hardware

  • Brass Art Deco Round Door Knob Set - Victorian style round knob measures 2 1/3 inch in diameter with a projection of 3 inch. Oval backplate measures 10 1/2 inch tall and 2 5/8 inch wide. This knob set with fit any door thickness between a standard 1 3/8 inch to a 2 1/4 inch thick. This door knob set is available in several finishes and functions. Passage (Hall/Closet) and Privacy (Bed/Bath) sets come complete with the functioning hardware and a 2 3/8 inch back-set is standard. A 2 3/4 inch back-set is also available upon request. This particular product has a lead time of approximately 3 to 5 business days.