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Solid Brass Right Hinge Window Lock Georgian Roped Pattern



  • Solid Brass Right Hinge Window Lock
  • Measures 4 1/4 Inches Tall by 3 7/8 Inches Wide Unlocked
  • Measures 3 5/8 Inches Tall by 4 1/2 Inches Wide Locked
  • Latch Piece Measures 3/4 inch wide by 2 1/8 inches
  • Tongue Measures 9/10 inch in length
  • Comes Complete With Mounting Hardware

    This window lock measures 4 1/4 inch tall by 3 7/8 inch wide unlocked and 3 5/8 inch tall by 4 1/2 inch wide locked. Latch piece measures 3/4 inch wide by 2 1/8 inch tall. This product comes as an un-lacquered natural brass and it will patina over time. A high strength lacquer coating is available upon request. Tongue measures 9/10 inch length. Available in several finishes including Polished Brass, Antique Brass, and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Comes complete with mounting hardware. Left Hinge set also available. The average lead time for this particular product is 1 to 2 Business Days.