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Installing New Door Knobs

Removing Old Door Knobs

Tips and Tricks

  • Passage Style Door Knob Sets are fully functioning sets - these turn and have a latch mechanism to hold the door shut. They do not lock but they do turn and latch. For a locking set, see Privacy Style Door Knob Sets.

  • Single Dummy Style Knobs - these are dummy or fake style knobs - they look like a real turning knob but are used as a pull knob. These are commonly used on bifold style doors. Single dummy knobs have a knob on one side only. Some styles may require an unfinished rosette plate on the back side. For double sided knobs (for French Doors) - see Double Dummy knob sets.

  • US10B is the designation for Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes. True Oil Rubbed Bronze is nearly black in color.

  • Antique style nails are made using sheets of iron - and are made in a two step process using a shear to cut the nail and a hammer ram to forge the head.

  • Hand pressed glass uses molten glass from a furnace and hot iron glass moulds use air pressure or brute force to press the glass into the desired shape. LookInTheAttic owns dozens of hand pressed glass moulds that range in age from 50 years to over 100 years old.

  • US5 is the designation for polished brass. Polished brass was made to look like real gold - and it has a very high polished sheen to it.

  • Lacquer is used on metal surfaces to protect the polished sheen and stop the aging or antique process.

  • Brushed nickel finishes resemble stainless steel.

  • Kick plates are more than decorations for doors - these protect the higher value door from possible damage. It is less expensive to replace the kick plate than to replace the solid wood door.

  • Door stops come in magnetic styles that will hold the door open against wind drafts. Door stops also protect the door knobs and the walls against breakage from a door knob hitting the wall.

  • Valet key holders are nice that they hold up to 10 sets of keys on the wall and readily store easily.

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